Other Problems

How to win a court case?
Sometimes people are dragged into false court cases, or to obtain what is just and our right, we have to go through legal battles. Even when you are right, a court case might not go in your favour. Ayurvastu can helps you to win legal battle by programming your living space in such a manner that you get a soft approach, or firm support from the judge(s). In the best-case scenario the case will be resolved in a positive manner.

Lack of recognition
In the modern world, it can be hard to get what we try so hard to obtain. Nobody might recognise our efforts. Regardless of whether we work hard around the clock, we might not get credit or reward for it. This can hamper our growth, as well as our self-esteem and motivation. If you feel demoralised and don’t know what to do, then Ayurvastu can help you in balancing and programming your space to get the desired recognition and deserved credit.

Getting support and assistance
Everybody needs support in their life. We need support from our family members, relatives, friends, the state, banks, and co-workers. We need moral or financial support, or advice on what course of action to take. Surrounding yourself with people who support you genuinely and in return don’t ask for anything is true fortune. Ayurvastu ensures that you align yourself with external conditions, and that you align external conditions with yourself, in order to attract the desired people and situations into your life.

Frequent accidents and misfortune
An Ayurvastu-influenced zone of security ensures that we are safe and don’t get hurt. Sometimes this zone becomes imbalanced, and there may be a pattern which causes a person continues to be hurt easily once they fall into this frequency. Treating the root cause of the problem by balancing zones, or treating entrances without demolition can solve this problem.

Improving strength, security, and self-confidence naturally is reinforced through success and habit, but success comes to those who are confident. It can be difficult to fall into this routine before we have enough self-belief to begin with. Self confidence, security, power or strength are all related to the fire element. Once the fire element is imbalanced in a person’s space(s), the inhabitants of that space feel demotivated, and lack security. They may have less power to combat infection and counter negative occurrences. AyurVastu helps to solve this imbalance, and to provides fullness of strength and confidence in life.

My money goes out in expenditure as soon as it flows in
It is often find in the homes that expenditure increases as son as we change something. Some times we get unexpected expenditures. It seems to manage them with great difficulty. It is also possible that sometimes the machines used in the homes or offices doesn’t function normally and breaks down oftenly and create undesired expenditure. If you feel they are occurring frequently and there is no respite from it. In that case AyurVastu will help you to resolve the issue by finding the right cause of the problem. It fill further ensure that expenses doesn’t increase and it helps to save money in your pocket.

Regarding having children, and miscarriages
Your bedroom being in the wrong place, or being imbalanced in the South-west zone can potentially have negative effects in this area. The misplacement of the kitchen in your living space, such as being imbalanced in the North-east, may hinder advancements in pregancy, and becoming pregnant. Ayurvastu helps to treat these zones with minimal compromises, and helps to resolve the problem.

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