Ayur Vastu

Effective Vastu solutions without heavy renovations

Impactful results as early as two weeks

AyurVastu is a scientific method of healing space based on vastu shastra and ayurveda. It provides
effective solutions to vastu defects (Vastu dosha) causing imbalance in a building without heavy
renovations. It synergises human architectural spaces with the basic five elements called
panchtattva, the surrounding bio-energy flow through directions and bio-electromagnetic forces
present in building called vastu purusha mandala. It positively harmonises buildings, so that the
person living or working inside can live an optimised, well-balanced, and prosperous life. It helps to
achieve excellence in the work, successful career, general happiness and abundance in life.

Bringing authentic Vastu & Jyotish Shastra to Europe

Yogeet Kapoor

Vastu Guru

Dr. Yogeet Kapoor (Yogi)

an expert of vastu and jyotish shastra

working for international brands and celebrities

Based In Europe

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Where We Can Apply AyurVastu

AyurVastu for Homes

Restore balance, and harmonise the energy of your home. Resolve Vastu defects in order to prevent undesirable health, social losses like loss of respect, lack of social circle, lack of recognition and other living complications like financial losses, stagnant growth and career

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What you need to do for initial meeting?

For AyurVastu Analysis a basic to scale A4 floor building plan in pdf format and photographs of each room is key requisites for productive results, which can be sent by email. If you don’t have one, it is better to draw to scale plan yourself for initial meeting. AyurVastu Analaysis can be done from the distance, it is not important that AyurVastu expert visit the building. A visit of an expert helps to overview 120 detail points in the building and increases the efficacy of the result.

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Our Clients Love Us
"Yogeet comes with a comprehensive approach towards building a harmonious plan for both personal and professional well being. His attention to detail and his methodical approach truly bring positive results. Looking at Vaastu, Astrology and other aspects together is wholesome"
T.T.Businessman (Europe & USA)
“Thanks to ayur vastu done by Mr. Yogeet Kapoor which has balanced the energies of our house to the level that has brought peace prosperity and progress in our lives. We have seen drastic changes in our personal and professional lives after having implementing vastu's concepts and ideas. We firmly recommend all the people facing problems in any aspect to seek expertise consultations from Mr. Kapoor.”
PREETI AND HARMEETIndian Zayeka Restaurant (Switzerland)
“I was facing lot of financial, professional and personal problem during this period. I came to know about AyurVastu through my Panchakarma with Yogeet. I started noticing unpredictable result very shortly after he performed AyurVastu corrections at my apartment. He has a unique knack of transformation by very simple means.It was hard to believe at first, miraculously problems started diminishing one by one in both health and business. Most of my severe problems were came into solved. Within 2 weeks of time suddenly I have received two job offers after being unemployed for months. Something, I have been dreaming of ...
AlexandraMNC Executive(Switzerland)
"Yogeet came to help us balance the energies in our apartment before our son’s arrival. His advice helped a lot and now we can see only positive energy around us and a lovely peace that anyone would seek in their life. All the changes were to re-arange the stuff in the apartment and no extra cost involved. Now it’s been more than 4 months since our home is peacefull and all is balanced. Thank you Yogeet and will strongly recommend you further."
Monica PandeyI.T Executive (Europe)


Private / Corporate Clients

Commercial Vastu Consultant
Basic AyurVastu Analysis

Personalised recommendations and changes to the basic elements and energies within your chosen space;to neutralise negative faults, and generate postive energies, to bring overall wellbeing and abundance in your health, relationship, finances, career and growth.

Commercial Vastu Consultant
Advanced Ayurvastu Analysis

Deeper evaluation of underlying factors like geoelectromagnetic fields within your chosen
space. Active changes to neutralise negative faults,
and generate positive energies, to optimise your
overall wellbeing and prosperity.

Commercial Vastu Consultant
Astro AyurVastu Analysis

Holistic Vastu treatment using unique astrological
remedies based on your individual astrological
chart, to maximise the benefits you receive by
optimal use of planet energies to achieve
unmatchable desired results.

Commercial Vastu Consultant
Uplifting life with jyotish shastra

AstroVeda is based on jyotish shastra and ayurveda
to help you find the powerful remedy like
appropriate gemstone, powerful mantra, beneficial
colour, change of signatures, most appropriate
direction according to your birth chart planets
to attract money, health and prosperity.

Commercial Vastu Consultant
NumeroVeda Report
Numero solutions for fame and fortune

Empower your name, signatures, logos, brands,
account numbers, email, car and phone numbers
with numerology to achieve success, fame and

Commercial Vastu Consultant
Signature Coding
Empower your signatures for growth and success

Signatures are imprint of your subconscious mind,
empowering your signature with astrology and
numerology alters subconscious programming and
will help you achieve growth, success and


Uplifting life with jyotish shastra



New Happy Home1

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New Happy Home


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