16 Zones in vastu – the blue print of our well being

Are you looking for ways to bring peace and harmony to your home? If yes, then embracing the power of vastu shastra can do the trick for you. Talking about vastu shastra, the first thing that you need to be knowledgeable about is ‘The 16 vastu Zones’. .. Read More

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What is vastu shastra

What is vastu shastra? And how it plays role in our life in modern times? What is vastu shastra? And how does it play role in our life? In layman terms, vastu shastra is a blend of astronomy, astrology, science and art. A search on Google for the term Vastu Shastra brings this result – “Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture. Vastu Shastra has been prevalent since ages, and over the recent few years there has been a significant rise in this ancient architectural system. .. Read More

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AyurVastu for Health and Relationships

In matters of love (finding that soulmate)
Finding right partner involves being the right person. First we must love ourselves, and know ourselves. AyurVastu helps you to produce the right energy of attraction, as well as facilitate social connectivity. Moreover it helps to develop, or maintain, a charismatic personality.. Read More

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AyurVastu for Business World

Entrepeneurship, Innovation, and the ‘million dollar idea’:
Some people have huge success with just one idea which is priceless. How did Steve Jobs get an idea that changed the world? Often we are the greatest barrier to ourselves. And often the barriers we create and experience are caused by our internal conditions, and the external environment’s impact on that... Read more.. Read More

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New Happy Home1

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New Happy Home


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AyurVastu for Education

Education – the most powerful weapon to change the world. The most precious gift you can give to you, or to your children, is a good education. Ayurvastu helps to program your space to help your children focus better in studies, and to consequently attain good marks. It can help them to have a productive output and deeper understanding, and to sharpen their skills by achieving their highest level of concentration... Read mor.. Read More

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Other Problems

How to win a court case?
Sometimes people are dragged into false court cases, or to obtain what is just and our right, we have to go through legal battles. Even when you are right, a court case might not go in your favour. Ayurvastu can helps you to win legal battle by programming your living space in such a manner that you get a soft approach.. Read More

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