Uplifting life with jyotish shastra


AstroVeda is based on jyotish shastra and ayurveda to help you find the powerful remedy like appropriate gemstone, powerful mantra, beneficial colour, change of signatures, most appropriate direction according to your birth chart planets to attract money, health and prosperity.

Our AstroVeda services apply the principles of
vedic astrology to your life, in order to develop
powerful solutions and life information for
you. We utilise your correct date of birth,
time, and birthplace, to prepare your own
AstroVeda Report. With this, we offer guidance
to discover your core and inner strengths. We
advise on how to achieve success, and offer
powerful, effective suggestions to your problems.
This service is effective in helping people to develop
their latent potential in life. The report can advise on actions
to take an avoid in order to optimise your life decisions and outcomes.

Your core strengths which we discuss are powerful tools that you possess. We identify how they can be harnessed and utilised, in order to capitalise on potential opportunities in your life. Our report can help you to succeed in areas such as finance, health, relationships, family, and your career. Through understanding your relationship to the macrocosm, our report helps you to uncover and understand your life purpose.

Our analysis helps you to understand your more subtle attributes and gifts. These include: your discretionary power, creative abilities, inclinations and strengths, intuitive abilities, and analytical abilities.

Our reports can help you to understand your ideal
environmental conditions, in order to achieve
focus and eliminate barriers to success and happiness.

AstroVeda predictions are done by
understanding and analysing your
relationship to the macrocosm. Like other
birth-chart readings, our report analyses your
alignment to the planets, sun, and moon. It examines
the current movements and transitions of the planets.
As vedic astrology believes these movements and
gravitational influences affect aspects of human living,
we can pin-point various important and beneficial events in your life.

After detailed analysis of your birth charts a unique set of remedies are recommended based on vedic astrology, vastu shastra and ayurveda. It consists your particular gemstone in order to indicate how it can benefit you. Furthermore, the report can identify exclusive mantras, beneficial directions to sit in, and lucky colours. This can help in areas of growth, energy-enhancement, an successful endeavours. This positive influence can help with things like marriage, child-birth, or a strong education.


Complete AstroVeda Report – 300€
Follow-up Session – 150€ for 60 minutes

Vastu Tips For Numbers

AstroVeda Prashna Jyotish

This technique assists with answering questions with vedic astrology, and can help guide you to find the right solutions. You can find answers to any questions relating to aspects of our lives, surrounding relationships and business.

Price: 100 per question
Vedic Astrology Consultant

AstroVeda Matchmaking report

An AstroVeda Matchmaking report can help you to choose or find the right partner. This takes into consideration the different interactions and reactions between different energies and elements which entities in the world are comprised of. It can help you understand which types you are most harmonious with, or help you to capitalise on latent potential.

Price: 250 per match
Numero Veda

NumeroVeda Report

Numero solutions for fame and fortune

Empower your name, signatures, attractive logos, brands,account numbers, email, car and phone numbers with numerology to achieve success, fame and abundance.

Numerology is the science of studying the energy of numbers and their influence on human life, your personality and your destiny. Each number carries specific energy which influences our life similar to a landscape around our living space influence our environment. Changing this number pattern according to your needs helps to create desired vibrations which further influences the outcome. Adding the powers of astrology and numerology, you can create powerful signatures, attractive logos, empowered names, brands, and even email accounts and phone numbers. This helps you to achieve success, fame and abundance.

Complete NumeroVeda Report - 300CHF
Follow-up session - 150 for 1 hour

Signature Coding

Signature Coding

Empower your signatures for growth and success

Signatures are imprint of your subconscious mind, empowering your signature with astrology and numerology alters subconscious programming and will help you achieve growth, success and abundance.

Signatures are imprint of our subconscious mind, in various places like banks, contracts we are recognised through our signature. Our signatures carries bio energy directly communicated through our subconscious mind. Signatures empowered with help of astrology, numerology, ayurveda and special hidden symbols attracts success and fortune and helps one to fulfil his desires, achieve growth and abundance.

Signature Coding report: 200