Vastu Guru

Dr. Yogeet Kapoor (Yogi)

An expert of vastu and jyotish shastra


Dr. Kapoor was born in India into a family of health practitioners of modern and traditional medicine and vedic system. He graduated as Doctor of Alternative Medicine, and Acharya in the Vedic sciences. He has more than 15 years of experience as a Consultant, Practitioner, Mentor, and Teacher.

Dr. Kapoor has lived in India and Europe, practicing in Delhi(India) & Nyon (Switzerland). He is the founder of AyurVastu, the center of excellence of traditional and modern Vastu and Jyotish shastre. The motto of his life is “Lokah Samasta sukhino bhavantu” to bring health, wealth, happiness and abundance to each individual and each family. Dr. Kapoor utilizes his acquired knowledge in modern and traditional systems to blend science and conventional knowledge experiences in the Gurukul system. 

He provides consultations and thorough analysis report on AyurVastu and Jyotish with highly effective and powerful remedies. Additionally, he regularly conducts national and international seminars, individualised workshops, and training programs in his fields of expertise. His international list of clients come from continental Europe, US, UK, Canada, Brazil, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, and other countries.

Dr. Kapoor is a strategic consultant to various influential people and corporate houses. He wish to contribute to helping mankind with complete holistic transformation and achieve success and abundance in each aspect of their life.