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Basic Ayurvastu Analysis

Personalised recommendations and changes to the basic
elements and energies within your chosen space; to
neutralise negative faults, and generate postive energies, to
bring overall wellbeing and abundance in your health,
relationship, finances, career and growth.

What is Basic AyurVastu Analysis?

The basic Ayurvastu report helps in balancing basic elements and
energies within your space in order to achieve the desired results. We
analyse the space to determine the root cause of problems.

Once symptoms are matched with real causes, effective
recommendations are made. The end-goal is to enhance and
optimise your chosen space, to promote positive effects, by
harmonising your space with right placement of elements,
interiors and its activities.

What does the analysis consist of, and what is the final result?

The package consists of a detailed consultation with a vastu expert
(either online or in person), followed by a visit and analysis of the
desired space. This consists of a detailed evaluation of the interiors,
objects, entrances, zones, floor plans and surroundings which produces

Powerful recommendations and effective remedies are given, in
order to have a positive impact on life factors such as money,
growth, career, business, gains, health, family, and relationships.
Finally, a thorough evaluation report is prepared with powerful
suggestions of the most effective solutions and remedies, in order
to achieve desired results.

Advanced Ayurvastu Analysis

Deeper evaluation of underlying factors like
geo-electromagnetic fields within your chosen space. Active
changes to neutralise negative faults, and generate positive
energies, to optimise your overall wellbeing and prosperity.

What is Advanced AyurVastu Analysis?

The Advanced AyurVastu Analysis delves several stages deeper
into the basic analysis of one’s space. The expert in this situation
conducts an additional analysis to completely study and discover
the impact of external conditions on missing geo energies,
referred to as devtas.

Devtas are geo-electromagnetic fields created after construction
of the building. They are responsible for the functioning aspect of
that building. These are often absent due to severed or missing
aspects in the space, the influence of earth energies, and the
presence of bio-electromagnetic fields or elemental energies.
Missing devta field causes impaired building function similar to
missing organ from the human body which makes
human physically impaired. The impact of these aspects on the people
living in the space are then determined.

How does the AAA help?

The advanced analysis helps to generate the missing energy fields
mentioned above, and to balance the harmful energies as
necessary. These negative energies can have detrimental and
undesirable effects on one’s senses and deeper state of being. An
internal imbalance can create external problems with all the
elements of daily life that we interact with.

How is the analysis done and what is the benefit?

n addition to the basic report’s features, this analysis uses
scientific equipment to conduct a detailed evaluation of the space,
with respect to these energies. A detailed evaluation report is
prepared with varied suggestions regarding the most effective
solutions and remedies. The evaluation report is made with
consideration for the missing energies in your space, and effective
remedies are advised in order to create or generate the missing
energy fields.

Astro AyurVastu Analysis

Holistic Vastu treatment using unique astrological
remedies based on your individual astrological chart,
to maximise the benefits you receive by optimal use of
planet energies to achieve unmatchable desired

What is Astro AyurVastu Report?

The report makes use of Jyotish Shastra (the domain of Hindu
astrology). According to vedic astrology every planet in the
macrocosm has a specific attribute. At the time of our birth this
specific attribute is recorded in our astrological chart called kundli
as a governor of certain aspects of life. After basic balancing and
successful creation of missing energy fields, the building is
charged with the energies of favourable and relevant planets for
desired results.

How it is done and what are the benefits?

In Astro AyurVastu Analysis, we assess your Astrological chart
(Kundli), to thoroughly understand the responsibility and effect of
each planet. This ensures optimal use and application of the
energy of these planets, in order to achieve the desired results.
Because ayurveda maintains that the microcosm and macrocosm
within the universe are interconnected and interdependent, this
practice reinforces the effectiveness of our Vastu services, by
incorporating more elements and layers from the universe.

These remedies can exploit the hidden potentials of an individual
and can excel your life, helping to unleash your higher potential
for unmatchable growth and progression. It helps you to achieve
the epitome of higher excellence, valued recognition and unlimited
success. This is done by understanding your strengths and
weaknesses, and relationship to the macrocosm, in order to
optimise your potentials.

Services AstroVeda

Private Clients

AstroVeda Prashna Jyotish

This technique assists with answering questions with vedic astrology, and can help guide you to find the right solutions. You can find answers to any questions relating to aspects of our lives, surrounding relationships and business.

Price: 100 per question

AstroVeda Matchmaking report

An AstroVeda Matchmaking report can help you to choose or find the right partner. This takes into consideration the different interactions and reactions between different energies and elements which entities in the world are comprised of. It can help you understand which types you are most harmonious with, or help you to capitalise on latent potential.

Price: 250 per match

NumeroVeda Report

Numero solutions for fame and fortune

Empower your name, signatures, attractive logos, brands,account numbers, email, car and phone numbers with numerology to achieve success, fame and abundance.

Numerology is the science of studying the energy of numbers and their influence on human life, your personality and your destiny. Each number carries specific energy which influences our life similar to a landscape around our living space influence our environment. Changing this number pattern according to your needs helps to create desired vibrations which further influences the outcome. Adding the powers of astrology and numerology, you can create powerful signatures, attractive logos, empowered names, brands, and even email accounts and phone numbers. This helps you to achieve success, fame and abundance.

Complete NumeroVeda Report - 300CHF
Follow-up session - 150 for 1 hour

Signature Coding

Empower your signatures for growth and success

Signatures are imprint of your subconscious mind, empowering your signature with astrology and numerology alters subconscious programming and will help you achieve growth, success and abundance.

Signatures are imprint of our subconscious mind, in various places like banks, contracts we are recognised through our signature. Our signatures carries bio energy directly communicated through our subconscious mind. Signatures empowered with help of astrology, numerology, ayurveda and special hidden symbols attracts success and fortune and helps one to fulfil his desires, achieve growth and abundance.

Signature Coding report: 200