16 Zones in vastu – the blue print of our well being

Are you looking for ways to bring peace and harmony to your home? If yes, then embracing the power of vastu shastra can do the trick for you. Talking about vastu shastra, the first thing that you need to be knowledgeable about is ‘The 16 vastu Zones’. Wondering what are those zones? And how do they work? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about here. The first one is the North-East Zone, which is the zone of meditation, inspiration and wisdom. The east of this NE Zone is ideal for having a family lounge as it signifies fun and refreshment. East Zone on the other hand is for social connectivity. Therefore, it is ideal to have a drawing room in the east of your home. Moving towards the east of South East is the zone that imparts depth to a person’s thoughts and gives a deeper understanding of how life’s processes take place. And, if we move a bit towards the South East Zone, then we can find the zone of money. Going towards the south of South East, is zone of power and strength it builds up confidence and strength in Vastu Shastra. The south, however, is the zone of social reputation and fame. Another important zone that comes next is the south of South West, is zone of disposal this is ideal for waste activities like toilets. Not using it in the right manner can lead to fruitless thoughts and wastage of energy. The South West zone on the other hand is the zone for skill, stability and marriage. And, on the west of this south-west is the zone of studies and education. The west zone is dedicated to the fact that no energy of your abode goes waste. Moving to the west of North-West is the zone of stress and depression, referred to as the zone of Rodhan. If we talk about the North-West Zone, it is the zone that attracts supportive and helpful people. Whereas the North of North-West zone is meant for fulfillment, i.e. it is dedicated to attraction, sex, and sensual enjoyment. And, if we move toward the North Zone then it represents money, new opportunities and treasures. Last, but not the least, is the zone north to the North-East, which is meant for body resistance. If disturbed, this zone can lead to illnesses. That’s about it! Now that you know about the different vastu zones and their significance, I’m sure you would want to use this knowledge to full effect and bring happiness to your abode.

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