What is vastu shastra

What is vastu shastra? And how it plays role in our life in modern times? What is vastu shastra? And how does it play role in our life? In layman terms, vastu shastra is a blend of astronomy, astrology, science and art. A search on Google for the term Vastu Shastra brings this result – “Vastu shastra (vāstu śāstra) is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture." Vastu Shastra has been prevalent since ages, and over the recent few years there has been a significant rise in this ancient architectural system. The term Vastu in itself means abode or the dwelling place. And the doctrines of vastu shastra are used to create a harmonic balance between the different types of energies that surround us namely earth, fire, water, sky and air. How does vastu shastra play role in our life? The whole concept of Vastu depends upon natural energies that surround us. These energies can be categorized as the energy obtained from Earth, the energy from Day Light and sun’s energy, the energy from the Wind and from Sky and more. Making use of these energies in the rightful manner gives us inner happiness, well-being and the peace of mind for a prosperous life. Vastu can make our life better and happier by using the power of these positive energies and shielding us from all sort of negative energies that might surround us. How do bring peace, harmony and balance at home using these practices? The ultimate goal of both these concepts is to bring peace into a dwelling so that people residing in the edifice stay in harmony. After all, it is when you are in harmony with your inner self, only then you can be happy and successful in life. That’s exactly what the purpose of these two bodies of knowledge. Some of the basic principles of Vastu shastra include – 1. Placing a scenery of long road in the north-east direction, this inspires good vision and planning 2. Placing a water fountain in the north east direction brings harmony 3. Placing green plants in east direction for healthy relationships 4. Building kitchen in the south-east corner of the house 5. Not keeping any mirrors in the bedroom 6. Using wind chimes to break negative energy patterns and spread positive vibes at home. On the other hand, FengShui focuses on – 1. Bringing décor items and things that speak of your happiness into the center of the home, as it is considered to be the most important part of the home. 2. Keeping the home clean, clutter free and loved to spread harmonious connection between the members of the family 3. Decorating the bagua area of your home with stuff like vibrant wood and water, and embellishing it with family photos to bring peace and strengthen the bond between family members. How can we implement vastu shastra? The power of Vastu can be implemented in any of construction. No matter you have a single room, a bungalow, a commercial estate or any other small or large undertaking, the power of Vastu Shastra can harmonize your edifice to bring peace and joy. Vastu creates concordance between the three forces i.e. air (vaayu), jal (water) and fire (agni) by placing them in the right direction so that you can get the harmony and peace in life that you deserve. If placed wrongly, these energies can create unrest in your life. For instance, placing water in place of fire and vice versa can lead to a complete imbalance in your life. A thorough understanding of Vastu Shastra can however play a significant role in eliminating this unrest and creating peaceful life for you. To get a thorough understanding of how these elements and how can you bring them into practice we are going to come up with our next post on the topic – 5 elements of Vastu Shastra that can bring harmony in your life. No matter which form you believe in and want to try for your home, the ultimate motive is going to be ‘bringing happiness and harmony in life’. Let’s hope whichever concept you choose for your home works well for you.

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